Our Passion

Empowering you with heart centered consciousness & traditional medicine

We use the gifts of traditional medicine and teachings from the East and the Far East including ancient Chinese principles and Ayurveda to nurture the awareness and expansion of your consciousness and the health of your body and mind. With safe natural therapies and supportive education we cultivate transformational experiences that access your whole self and create the life you were meant to enjoy.

Our Truths

We are one.

As citizens of the universe we co-create the one song of spirit together.

We are vessels.

We are the channels spirit uses to grace this world and each other with love, beauty, wisdom and joy.

We are chosen.

It’s our purpose to pass down ancient wisdom from master teachers before us with love, gratitude, and respect.

We are love.

Unconditional Love is the most powerful force in our world, and the balance of love and power creates harmony and growth.

We are whole-y.

All the answers we seek and abilities we need are within us because we are our world.

We are magic.

What we love we become and where our attention goes energy flows. 

We are nature.

Our health and Gaia’s health are one in the same. Nature provides everything we could ever need, our connection to our mother nature is our well being.

Education is empowerment that leads to healing. The great arcanum is to know thyself because the secrets to your health, longevity, and advancement are hidden within you. Learning Traditional medicine is walking your own spiritual path towards enlightenment while creating peak health and wellness with your natural lifestyle.  Our courses enable you to honor your soul path and care for your body-mind and emotions in easy and effective ways.  You can fuel your greatness by joining our healing circle and signing up for our weekly insights or go full out with our foundational course in health consciousness; Body Bedrock.


“Jessica is brilliant. She is incredibly knowledgeable about so many things. Every time I have the privilege of spending time in her presence I am blown away at the wisdom that simply POURS out of her. She is talented real, and very down to earth. She has intuitive healing abilities and is astonishingly spot on. Every time. I cannot recommend her enough.Mik”


“Jessica is amazing! She helped take the crazy out of me.”


“I found your talks to be such a refreshing confluence of “wuwu” and “can’t argue with that” reasoning. Beautiful!”


“Jessica is a wealth of information! I thoroughly enjoyed our session!”