I grew up obsessed with the study of mystics, saints, sages, enlightened masters, and nobel laureates. Reading about their visions, powers, and wisdom helped me feel more comfortable with my own intuition and ecstatic experiences. I balanced my etheric nature with lots of science and higher education and stayed grounded literally within my mother’s garden as a barefoot herbalist.  I know myself as love and a force for healing transformation in our world. I practice heart centered consciousness to stay aligned with the guidance of my highest self.  Healing and teaching are my gifts and I use them to honor the divine motherly energy of spirit (shakti) that nourishes our earth, our relationships, and our own evolution.  I’m on a mission to rid our world of degenerative disease through preventative education and research for better natural therapies.

  • Master Healer, Medical Intuitive, and Teacher; MSA in Acupuncture (East Asian Medicine), BS in natural Health Sciences. Over 10 yrs of Successful Clinical Experience.

  • Meditation Teacher/ Facilitator; sharing Yoga Nada (sound healing), White Tantra, Heart Centered Consciousness, & Traditional Medicine; leading extatic workshops since 2010

  • Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor; Guiding clients in preventative medicine, & lifestyle wellness with constitutional ayurveda, therapeutic yoga, customised meditation & breathwork, herbal therapies, fitness and nutrition.

  • Expert in Vibrational Medicine; using colored light, sound, biorhythms, microcurrents

  • Mother Advocate & Traditional Home Birth Doula since 2008.

  • Traditional Herbalist & Nutritionist specialising in chinese food therapy, ayurvedic diets, cultured foods, and superfoods.

  • Ayurvedic Doctoral Candidate & Researcher for preventing and reversing degenerative disease.